"A Simple Petal" Earrings. All Colors, Two Lengths, Two Orientations.

$ 55.00

15 gorgeous hues that will take you beautifully through summer and right into fall!  Newly added: 2.25" length! 

These light as air dangles are so comfy! Ear wires are sterling silver, 14k gold filled or color-matched hypo-allergenic Niobium selected to best complement the earrings. 

Choose from a sleek and smooth orientation (see Burgundy for an example) or a concave/convex orientation (this option adds more volume, see Rasberry Beret). 

Top row (left to right): 

  • Perfectly Persimmon
  • Raspberry Beret
  • Perfectly Green
  • Navy Peony (Navy Blue)
Row 2 (left to right): 
  • Perfectly Yellow
  • Perfectly Mahogany
  • Perfectly Purple
  • Perfectly Violet
Row 3 (left to right): 
  • Tawny Port (Burgundy) 
  • Perfectly Coral
  • Gunmetal
  • Perfectly Red
Row 4 (left to right): 
  • Perfectly Turquoise
  • Frosty Sage
  • Champagne (Warm Silver)

Next to the collage image are the colorways Perfectly Pink and Sky Blue. 

What are they made of? These earrings are fashioned with jewelry grade anodized aluminum. Anodized aluminum is a high tech metal (think airplanes) that has several assets. It's extremely lightweight, it will never tarnish, and it offers highly saturated color that is not achievable in any other metal. 

I don't understand the difference between the sleek and the concave/convex orientation. With the sleek orientation, the petals are all oriented with the concave (rounded) side facing out. The petals lay upon each other smoothly to create a streamlined elegant effect. With the Concave/Convex orientation, the pairs of petals alternate between the concave side facing out and the convex side facing out. This creates a more voluminous earring with a playful feeling. 

What's the difference between persimmon and coral? Coral is more of a tint than a shade, in other words, it has more white in it, giving a slight pastel effect. 

I like Navy but I like Royal Blue better. Do you have that? Yes, Royal Blue recently became available. If you would like this color, order the navy and write Royal Blue in the notes to seller box. 

I can't decide. Which are your favorites? I think every collection should include Gunmetal, Perfectly Red, and Champagne. Secondarily, I'd select Tawny Port and Navy Peony; they are on trend for fall | winter; at the same time, they're classic colors that will never go out of fashion. 

What's the difference between Tawny Port and Mahogany? Mahogany is like a milk chocolate bar. Tawny Port is like a glass of merlot. 

Will these earrings make noise? Wearing them day to day, in normal conditions, no. However, they do have a subtle wind chime like effect in breezy weather, which many people enjoy. However, if you're sensitive to sounds, these may not be the style for you. 

These earrings will never tarnish and the color is highly stable. If they do need cleaning, wash with warm water and mild dishwashing liquid (like old school Dawn). Rinse and dry with a soft cloth. 

"I like how your earrings add a modern, fashionable, colorful touch & that they're bold but lightweight!" Megan A. 

"Stunning! These long 'Perfectly Red Simple Petal Earrings" are just what I've been wanting! I've been collecting Diana's jewelry for a few years now and once asked her if she could make some in red...and boy, did she! They are stunning and I love wearing them to dress up and also when I want my usual 'uniform' of jeans and top to look a little more classy. I love all the other colors too!" Susan S.