"Ever After" Earrings - Wedding and Bridal Jewelry

$ 65.00

Pretty petal-shaped earrings with glistening metal and sparkly glass accents. So lightweight and comfy; you'll never wanna take em off. We promise. 

Shown at 2.75" long. Color-matched hypoallergenic Niobium ear wires. Clip-ons are another option. Shorter or longer lengths available. Great for bridal party gifts. Significant discount for larger orders. 

Significant discount for larger orders. Inquire here

Petals are made of lightweight, jewelry-grade anodized aluminum. Color choices include red, gunmetal, turquoise-aqua, persimmon-burnt orange, purple, amethyst, dark green, light green, blue, fuchsia-pink, chartreuse-yellow, violet, mahogany, burgundy, coral, silver, gold. 

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