Specially Priced
  • Brocaded Artful Statement Earrings - 3 Lengths - $95 to $225
  • Brocaded Artful Statement Earrings - 3 Lengths - $95 to $225

Brocaded Artful Statement Earrings - 3 Lengths - $95 to $225

  • $ 95.00

This pattern is derived from the famous portrait of Eleanor of Toledo, painted by the Italian artist known as Bronzino in 1545. Eleanor's dress is heavily brocaded with black arabesques and pomegranates (symbolizing motherhood). 

  • Choose from three lengths: 2", 2.5", or 3". 
  • See our Earring Length Guide if you're not sure which length is right for you.
  • Gold backing petals.
  • 14k gold filled ear wires.
  • Please allow 3-5 business days for fabrication, plus 2-3 days for shipping
  • Orders can usually be expedited. Please ask! 

    These artful statement earrings are so wearable! Shaped in beautiful, intricate clusters that are visually hard to miss, they're surprisingly lightweight and comfortable. Cotton rag watercolor paper is hand-patterned using original acrylic films, cut and dapped to shape and then glazed with a glossy enamel finish. The pattern-centric petals are then set with anodized aluminum and layered to create shapes in varying lengths and sizes that are stunning from every angle.

    Each step of this intricate, hands-on process is performed entirely in-studio by Diana Ferguson, resulting in a true original.

    Petals to the Metal earrings are perfect for everyday wear or as an evening statement piece. Waterproof and UV-protected. DFJ earrings are handcrafted, and so minor variations in pattern may occur.

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