Bouquet "Assemblage" Necklace

$ 350.00

When it comes to my bead work, I love to think and create in terms of individual elements, with the idea that a striking whole can be developed from a selection of beautifully crafted parts.

That's what my Assemblage Necklaces are all about. This particular necklace, in the colorway "Bouquet", comes with your choice of a 16" or 18" multi-strand cord in Peridot plus five individual elements that can be arranged, added and removed to suit your mood. 

  • Individually bead-stitched elements are created using needle, thread, and the highest quality glass cylinder beads from Japan.
  • Largest beaded element is approx. 4” across
  • Choose 16" or 18" multi-strand nylon coated stainless steel cord 
  • 1" diameter enameled copper toggle clasp in lime green
  • Lightweight and perfectly balanced. 
  • Custom colorways available! Each necklace is unique. 

Copyright Diana Ferguson 2018