Love my customers! Here's a fun compilation of reviews DFJ has received over the past few years: 

Ladene M. ★★★★★Making a vow to not buy another Ferguson product for the rest of the year!!! Way too tempting and very fun to wear. Diana's creations keep you wanting more. Love them. So this pair will be it until 2020! Dorothy L. ★★★★★Beautiful autumn earrings. I am super pleased with my beautiful earrings and love the shiny, burgundy petals. They are classy and fun to wear. Glenda H. ★★★★★Diana's designs are lightweight, carefully crafted paper-based Petals to the Metal and lend to the woman who has a curiosity, sense of adventure and taste for what's creatively interesting. Karen S. ★★★★★Love these [Eclipse Statement Earrings]. Can be worn casually or elegantly. Janelle M. ★★★★★It is extremely difficult to find earrings that are pure white. I was thrilled that Diana made these earrings. I cannot wear posts and asked her if she could replace the posts with wires. She said "Yes." I am now wearing them and love them. They are perfect!!! I am one happy woman.Debra P. ★★★★★Another great pair of earrings. Perfect for dressy or casual wear. Perfect for my New Year's Eve celebration. Pradeep A. ★★★★★I own many pairs of Diana Ferguson Jewelry earrings but the Iced Rose might be my favorite. There is a real depth to the color the photos can't quite capture. They truly sparkle as you move. Customer Photos - Diana Ferguson JewelryJessica J.★★★★★Stunning modern earrings with great colors. Beautiful and lightweight. I love the modern look with the silver petals and shine with gorgeous colors. Barbara L.★★★★★Love these earrings. These are terrific. They work with a surprising number of colors from white to light gray to shades of beige to shades of blue. They show up nicely against my mid-brown (barely shoulder length) hair. Very light weight. Really have been enjoying these. Judy K. ★★★★★Light and airy. Love the construction of the bead hoop earrings. They add pizzazz to a simple summer outfit. Debra P.★★★★★I purchased these earrings for my sister-in-law for Christmas but I have a few pairs of the same type earring which I purchased from you. I love them and get compliments all the time, and I think she’ll love them too! Anne D. ★★★★★ Beautiful awesome bracelet. Super comfortable to wear. Wonderfully unique-you won't see everyone wearing a similar one. The craftsmanship and talent is the best! Love it and LOVE this so very talented artist. Customer Photos - Diana Ferguson Jewelry Susan S. ★★★★★ PAR-TAY! These cuties are a party on my ears! It’s still warm here so i’m still wearing them. My only regret is that they’re not longer, so I can have more flamingos!Jennifer C. ★★★★★ These earrings are fun, modern and artistic. Janelle M.★★★★★ I think "My Favorite Color is Black (and White) will be my favorite ones for 2017. Each pair looks good on me and each pair has a different feeling/look which will work very well with my other jewelry. I don't like to have matching jewelry. I like to blend my jewelry.I now have six pairs of earrings from you. Deborah C.★★★★★ Black & White Bubble EarringsPerfect accessory! I just love wearing these earrings! They are lightweight and comfy and the perfect accent to my style. Love them!Diane B. ★★★★★ Essentials Mesh Earrings. I've had my silver pair for 10(?) years...just love how they look! They are lightweight and very durable. Thanks, Diana. These are one of my favorite earrings! Valerie I.★★★★★ My sixth Pair!! Love these earrings. Beautiful and so light!! I have been giving away as gifts. Three for me and three for friends. I need another pair!! Customer Photos - Diana Ferguson Jewelry Ingrid K.★★★★★ Marvelous earrings! "Not only are they made from paper - they make people say nice things." Rhonda C.★★★★★Greenery Cluster Style Dangle Earrings. Diana provides excellent service. The first time I bought from her the wires hurt my ears (good quality just too big). She gladly took them back and changed the wire. On the most recent order, I forgot to ask for the thinner wire but she knew to ask me and used what I needed. She responds quickly to emails and making her customers happy is most important to her. Her work is beautiful and I will definitely buy from her again.Denise E.★★★★★I am a huge fan of Diana Ferguson Petal to the Metal earrings. I recently purchased 3 new pairs including Every Girl Needs a Jaguar. The earrings are stunning, light-weight and can be dressy or casual. They are my go-to earrings for every occasion. Love them! Susan T.★★★★★Red Black and White Dangle Earrings. These earrings are just right - eye-catching and bold without being distracting or overstated. They look great with a red top. Thank you!Nancy M.★★★★★Every Girl Needs a Jaguar Dangle Earrings. All the earrings I purchased were beautiful and very light weight. I would highly recommend getting several pair to wear all the time!!customer photos - diana ferguson jewelryMaureen D. ★★★★★I received the "Constellation" earrings today. Thank you so much. They're lovely and will be such fun to wear. Susan T.★★★★★ Gorgeous! The Prickly Pear Earrings are so pretty. The coral and greenish colors play beautifully off the black. I really love the movement of this style - so feminine. Thank you, Diana. Janet K. ★★★★★ Animal Print Trending Petals to the Metal EarringsSpot on , very trendy. Love them. Kathi P. ★★★★★ pretty jewelry....can't wait to wear Cynthia S.★★★★★ Wineberry earrings and pendant setI love it. The colors are warm and beautiful. The earrings are so light, it is a very unique design very professionally made. Marina D. ★★★★★ Love!! The earrings and pendant are beautiful. Pamela D.★★★★★ Perfect! I really like the Leaf Dangles. This is actually my fourth pair. They are lightweight; can be worn with jeans or dressed up. I am constantly getting comments from strangers about how nice they are. Standing in line recently I helped a woman find them on your website, she just loved them. Gina V.★★★★★ They didn't help my team win, but I still love them! I got lots of compliments on my Sooners earrings. I love that they're so lightweight too! Sharlee S. ★★★★★ In a word--stunning! These beautiful earrings are a delight to wear. Graceful and elegant, they go with any color. This is my third pair of Diana Ferguson's "Petal to the Metal" series. Love them! Gina R.★★★★★"Your jewelry is so different, artsy, fun to wear... Looks substantial but is so light and free flowing. I love it all!" Clare M. ★★★★★"The package arrived today. The pieces are all so lovely and so gorgeous! Will be among my favorites!" Anne S.★★★★★"...I have no other group of jewelry that can be elegant and also adaptable for casual dress. Design, color, and execution of the Petals satisfy me often even just looking at them if not wearing!" Sharlee S. ★★★★★These beautiful earrings are a delight to wear. Graceful and elegant, they go with any color. This is my third pair of Diana Ferguson's "Petal to the Metal" series. Love them!" Lynn G. ★★★★★"As always, I love these earrings! They are comfortable, colorful and I always get compliments. Thanks for the easy mail order!"  Janell T. ★★★★★"My Petals to the Metal earrings and my silver link bracelet are still my favorite two pieces of jewelry!"★★★★★"Hi StyleCeleb Fans, Love the shiny fun earrings by Diana Ferguson Jewelry. Her collection “Petals to the Metal” just make you happy." Judy F. ★★★★★"Another beautiful piece of [art] jewelry. Very feminine, again the perfect length. This is one of those rare necklaces that will look good with anything you wear. And I love the so easy yet secure clasp, great finishing touch." Maxi ★★★★★"Worth every penny to put this on and feel stylish and beautiful!" Anne D. ★★★★★"Highly recommend. Beautiful jewelry. Attention to detail. Aesthetically pleasing. Great workmanship. Seller is super accommodating." Dorothy L.★★★★★"My navy blue earrings arrived really quickly and I wore them to an art fair today at the Chicago Botanic Garden. I really like them and they are a good length for me." Courtney C. ★★★★★"I happened to see this wearable art at an art festival in Arlington Heights...this is my fourth purchase since then. I love these petal earrings and my family (who have gotten them as gifts) love them too. These earrings are light as air and flutter beautifully, in a variety of fantastic colors." Regina R. ★★★★★"As always, I love your work and enjoy wearing it even more!!! My next purchase will be extra, extra long earrings! So many beautiful, different and creative pieces you have!" Deborah R. ★★★★★"Hi Diana, I liked my earrings so much, I am ordering a pair for my future sister-in-law!" Michele M. ★★★★★"Gorgeous hand-crafted sterling silver men's pendant custom-made for me by a gifted artist and silversmith. (He loved this gift!) Thank you so much!" Cathleen L. ★★★★★"Gorgeous earrings. Lovely packaging. These will go with any outfit possible. Fast shipping and great customer service." Skylar C. ★★★★★"Diana, the chain just arrived; I could not be happier! I love the weight and feel. I'll be purchasing from you in the future and will happily recommend you to friends and family along the way. Thanks for the excellent work."Sign up for our VIP List here to get news on the latest collections, sales events, and more.