Welcome to Diana Ferguson Jewelry

Diana Ferguson, founder Diana Ferguson Jewelry

The Art of Fashionable Adornment  

Whether this is your first or your twentieth piece of Diana Ferguson Jewelry, my wish is for you to experience the joy of wearing distinctive, handcrafted adornments that look and feel great. That express your individuality. That celebrate your style.

I founded Diana Ferguson Jewelry as an outlet for my creativity but also to tell the story of my love for fashion, and to provide you with a way to connect with that, too!

That’s why my jewelry designs are more than art, they’re wardrobe wonders. Fun. Modern. Eclectic. Feminine. Versatile. Beautiful yet practical. “Toss in your suitcase and go” expressions of life, lived with curiosity and a sense of adventure. And as light as air; because my girl cannot be weighed down by her style!

Craftsmanship and innovation are at the heart of Diana Ferguson Jewelry. You've invested in a piece of handcrafted, wearable art, designed to enjoy for a lifetime!