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Perfectly Purple "A Simple Petal" Earrings

  • $ 125.00

The earliest purples, first known around 1900 BC, were derived from shellfish; it took around 12,000 shellfish to extract about 1.5 grams of dye. Which explains the "purple is for emperors" thing.

This purple is not so precious but it is lighthearted and happy. It doesn't lean red or blue, which has earned it the moniker "perfectly purple."

These "A Simple Petal" Earrings are 3 inches long. They have color-matched hypoallergenic Niobium ear wires. Also, they're so light you'll hardly know you're wearing them! 

Non-tarnish.. Wash with mild dishwashing soap and water. Apply spray-on hair products before putting on jewelry. 

Hint: wear them with O.P.I. nail lacquer in O Suzio Mio. 

Enjoy them with: a 3O Purple Rain Cocktail or a Purple Resolution Smoothie.

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