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  • Mahogany Brown Long Dangle Earrings - Diana Ferguson Jewelry
  • Mahogany Brown Dangle Earrings - Diana Ferguson Jewelry

Mahogany A Simple Petal Earrings - 3 Lengths - $65 to $125

  • $ 65.00

Our artful statement earrings are designed as a reminder to live a joyful life, filled with curiosity and a sense of adventure. Wear yours to elevate blouses, sweaters, or just about anything in your closet.

Some of our favorite things, like coffee, chocolate, nutmeg, and these ultra lightweight dangle earrings, showcase this hue. 

  • Overall length: choose from 2", 2.5" or 3". See my NEW Earring Length Guide here
  • Sterling silver ear wires

Super lightweight jewelry-grade anodized aluminum carries color beautifully and won’t tarnish. Wash with mild dishwashing liquid and water. Apply spray-on hair products before putting on your jewelry. 

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