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Burnt Orange Artful Statement Earrings - 3 Lengthgs - $65 to $125 - A Simple Petal Collection

  • $ 65.00

Our artful statement earrings are designed as a reminder to live a joyful life, filled with curiosity and a sense of adventure. Wear yours to elevate blouses, sweaters, or just about anything in your closet.

Orange stands for fire, sun, warmth, and tropical surroundings. It's a fun, light color, the viewing of which is said to increase oxygen supply to the brain and stimulate mental activity. What more could you ask for from your jewelry? 

  • Overall length: choose from 2", 2.5" or 3".
  • See our NEW Earring Length Guide here if you're not sure which length is right for you. 
  • Sterling silver ear wires

Super lightweight jewelry-grade anodized aluminum carries color beautifully and won’t tarnish. Wash with mild dishwashing liquid and water. Apply spray-on hair products before putting on your jewelry. 

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