Today I woke up to...

Today, I woke up to this fabulous five star review from a customer who lives in the Midwest, to whom I recently shipped a pair of my 3" long Rose Quartz Iced Petal earrings. She wrote: 

"Simply gorgeous. I own many pairs of Diana Ferguson earrings, but the iced rose might be my favorite. There is a real depth to the color that photos can’t quite capture. They truly sparkle as you move!"

Her note made my day not only because, well, it was just nice but because these earrings are part of the new Iced Petals collection I introduced this summer so I've been looking forward to the feedback that's starting to roll in. 

Iced Petals are my same light weight Petals to the Metal earrings, but dressed up with hand-pigmented and applied sheer and opaque enamel hues (instead of patterns.) 

It's always delightful to get customers' reactions when you put a collection out into the world. Especially when the piece is even better than they expected from the photo. It's a "Yay!" moment I never get tired of. 

Thank you so much to everyone who takes the time to write a review. I value these tremendously and hope to share more here in my blog in the coming months. 

Rose Quartz Iced Petals Earrings in Three Lengths - Diana Ferguson Jewelry  

Rose Quartz Iced Petals Earrings in 3 Lengths (3", 2.5", 2" - left to right)

Starting at $65.00


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