The Accidental Mrs. is loving my Teeny Tiny Geo statement earrings!

Sending my appreciation to Amanda Rodriguez of for the mention of my Teeny Tiny Geo earrings today in her Friday Love List. She says, "These earrings are everything I was hoping for and more!" She also calls me a genius designer (I like that!). 

Sharing with my readers that Amanda is a wife and mom of two. She lives with her family outside of Atlanta, Georgia. She's a self-described "24/7 kid-wrangler and blogger, and also a 2nd grade teacher by day." Wow, I get tired just thinking about that! On her blog, she shares adventures, activities, events, recipes, products she and her family love, and more. 

Amanda, these earrings look FABULOUS on you and I'm so thrilled you're enjoying them. 

Diana Ferguson Jewelr yTeeny Tiny Geo Earrings worn by Amanda Rodriguez - The Accidental Mrs

Amanda Rodriguez, founder of, wearing my Teeny Tiny Geo earrings. 

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