A Few Tips for Choosing the Earring Length that's Best for You

Choosing Your Best Earring Length 

One of the questions my customers frequently ask is, how do I know what earring length is best for me. I've found the answer to this question is quite individual, often subjective, and can vary depending on factors like personality, face shape, hair length, and for what type of occasion the earrings are being worn (office is different than date night, for example). 

That's why we offer 3 different lengths for our Petals to the Metal, Iced Petal, and A Simple Petal earrings: 2", 2.5" and 3". 

Here's an illustration that compares the three lengths on a model. Left to right: 2", 2.5", 3". 

Earring Length Guide

Model is wearing our "Patch Me In" Artful Statement Earrings. Shop them here.

How do I choose the best length for me? Our Petal earrings are made in various lengths to complement every face shape, hair length, and occasion.

When you want the focus to be on you more than your jewelry, definitely opt for the 2” length. These are great for work and every day. Also a good choice if you have a short neck, where you want to keep more physical space between your ears and your shoulders.  

Wearing your hair short or up? Consider mid-length (2.5”) strands that’ll accentuate your neck beautifully. The volume of this length can also be great for those with a narrow face.

If your hair is long enough to cover your ears, go for larger, longer (3”) clusters that’ll pop against the backdrop of your strands. This length is also fabulous if you have a round or square face; drop earrings and long dangles look stunning on you.

Enchanted Garden Statement Earrings as styled by Jessica Jannenga at ElegantlyDressedandStylish.com

ElegantlyDressedandStylish styles Diana Ferguson Enchanted Garden earrings

Enchanted Garden Statement Earrings in the 3” length, styled by Jessica Jannenga at ElegantlyDressedandStylish.com.

Have fun combining different styles and shapes to suit your looks and moods! And remember that even at their longest, our earrings remain light and comfortable to wear; perfect for out and about or dancing the night away!

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