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Diana Ferguson Jewelry

DFJ has been featured in and on Phoenix Magazine 2018 Arizona Makers & Local Gift Guide, Elegantly Dressed and Stylish, @simpson.house on Instagram, 500 Art Necklaces, A Well Styled Life, All Things Paper, Art Jewelry Magazine, AZ Foothills Magazine Style Files, Fashion Should be Fun, Showcase 1000 Art Beads, So What to Twenty, StyleCeleb.com, The Silver Stylist, Wirework Magazine, and more. 

DFJ is for the woman who loves showing off her style with artful adornments.

- Do you love wearing unique, handmade art jewelry?
- Do you appreciate bold art to wear that dazzles & makes a statement?
- Do you like wearing neutrals, adding color with accessories?
- Do you covet unusual jewelry finds? 
- Do you enjoy a standout look, but appreciate comfort & versatility?
- Are you often on the lookout for the perfect jewelry gift?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you're in the right place. It's my pleasure to design for originals like you… who love to be creative with what they wear, who wear artisan jewelry because it's a beautiful way to express themselves, who enjoy living life to the fullest. 

I design art jewelry for exceptional people. Because you deserve jewelry as unique as you.

MY PERSONAL STORY I credit my "creative gene" to my birth mom, a fiber artist who owned a boutique on the island of Mykonos, Greece. Growing up with my family in the west suburbs of Chicago, I remember being the 'different one.' I felt I was meant to do something creative but I didn't grow up doing anything especially artistic. I just always loved fashion, music, and pop culture.

With a BA in Art and after years in business (and a push from an insistent internal clock that chirp, chirp, chirped "life is short"), I began to fulfill my destiny as a full-time jewelry artist in 2008.

After several years selling a successful line of hand-woven chainmaille jewelry called Patina, I began experiments with paper and reactive metals. One thing led to another and the Petals to the Metal line was born. I also expanded to include a couture line of bead-woven jewelry called Adorn. 

I’ve sold over 2,000 pairs of individually handcrafted Petals to the Metal earrings to women from Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. to Paris, France. My Crossroads Pendant was gifted by the producer to Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Sheryl Crow, and ZZ Top at the most recent Crossroads Festival. I’ve been featured in Lark Books' Showcase 1000 Beads and 500 Art Necklaces, as well as Arizona Foothills Style Files, Art Jewelry, and Wirework, and in style blogs like A Well Styled Life, Fashion Should be Fun, So What to Twenty!, and The Silver Stylist. 

Petals to the Metal is carried in select galleries and boutiques around the country.

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