Playful Style. Classic Luxury. With A Twist. Handcrafted by Diana Ferguson.

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"Bold shapes, collaged surfaces, exuberant colors and vibrant energy define Diana's art jewelry. Influenced by pop culture, music, fashion—Diana's creations are a present day version of POW, WOW, and SHAZAM!" ~Shea Stanfield

I'm an artist, designer and maker living in Phoenix, Arizona. I enjoy pushing the boundaries of what jewelry can be by experimenting with traditional materials and techniques (like precious metals, fusing, and chainmaille weaving) and alternative materials and techniques (like sculptured paper, the reactive metals and bronze clay). I've never met a metal combination I didn't like and I often delve into the territory of the lighthearted and unexpected when it comes to imagery. My goal is making you smile--whether you're wearing my jewelry, or gifting it!

My Petals to the Metal collection was inspired by my experiments with Origami folding, where I learned the sculptural potential for heavyweight cotton rag paper. By hand patterning such paper, sculpting it and combining it with high-tech anodized aluminum, I've come up with a unique take on the statement earring -- lightweight, colorful, comfortable.

My Circle Games Chainmaille collection honors my very beginnings as a jeweler. These pieces, which I hand-weave using traditional and innovated weave structures, are favorites with both women and men. I even have a weave structure credited to me on the popular chainmailler site, The weave is called Abhainn ("the river" in Irish) and you can see in my Chunky Chain Link Everyday Statement Earrings and my Chunky Chain Link Everyday Statement Bracelets.

[by way of background]

I left a lucrative business / marketing career in 2009 to make art full time. This was a risky move, but my heart told me it was now or never, so I eased my way into it and have never looked back. Of course, there are always highs and lows but I am never bored and there is always something to look forward to.

I'm grateful to be able to make a living by bringing art and creativity into people's lives. My mother Anjelica (or Jella), who is now passed away, is my muse. She was a successful fiber artist with a boutique on the island of Mykonos in Greece, and although I did not grow up with her by my side, I often feel that she is with me in the way she passed on her bohemian spirit. It makes me happy to honor her memory by pursuing my art with passion.

I hope you enjoy spending time in my shop and that you find a piece you just have to add to your collection. P.S. I also enjoy doing custom work. If you have something special in mind, don't hesitate to contact me. I'd love to work with you!

I participate in select juried fine art fairs around the country and my work is also carried by GALLERIES ZIA | Gallery, 548 Chestnut Street, Winnetka, Illinois.

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